FLEMINGS HOME - Gift Sets Official Release

December 15, 2016 10:00am - New York, NY

Right on time for Christmas, we're glad to announce the addition of four Gift Sets to our Brand and Product Line. 

After many inquires from Customers, Family and Friends, we put together four exceptional and unique combo including our Top Seller Candles. There is a one for everyone and for every occasion. 


Each set is carefully hand packed with White & Gold Crinkle Paper to add an extra festive touch in a Pinstripe kraft chipboard exterior and kraft interior box. Everything 100% recycled material. 

Gift Sets: 


The CLASSIC HOLIDAY set to enjoy with our love ones. It is a mix of spices notes of that Christmas dinner and the earthy scent of blue spruce and fresh cut pine (Christmas Tree). 


1ea Harvest Season 8oz Soy Candle

1ea Christmas Tree 8oz Soy Candle



Here is the missing piece to the puzzle. A set of our TOP SELLER scents in one single package. SET THE MOOD gift set will do just that. A blend of relaxation and romance in two 8oz jars for a total of 100 hours of earthy aromatherapy.


1ea Amber & Teakwood 8oz Soy Candle

1ea Wine & Love 8oz Soy Candle 



We put a perfect set of our best sellers seasonal candles in one unique package. The COZY SEASON gift set will kick off autumm the right way. Bring the spicy scent of Harvest Season, the citrucies of Ginger & Bergamot and the earthy aroma of Christmas Tree to your home. 


1ea Ginger & Bergamot 4oz Travel Soy Candle

1ea Harvest Season 4oz Travel Soy Candle

1ea Christmas Tree 4oz Travel Soy Candle



Looking for the perfect gift? The Fleming's Favorites gift set includes the three of our Top Seller Scents in one single package. These all year around combo will lift the mood of anyone around.


1ea Amber & Teakwood 4oz Travel Soy Candle

1ea Grapefruit & Fig 4oz Travel Soy Candle

1ea Wine & Love 4oz Travel Soy Candle




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